Dok Ed Delibo gives you the book of a lifetime, taking you to a journey to transform your disease into health, poverty into wealth and sorrow into joy. This book transforms your life into a meaningful one! Discover the misinformation and lies you lived. Be transformed. Be renewed. Be holistically healthy and unstoppably wealthy!

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Ricky Toquero

I am Ricky Toquero, I am a Tech-Voc Instructor. When I was born, after 3 weeks my mother died. I’ve never seen my mother, I was always wondering what did her face look like. I was adopted by my aunt and uncle but when I was twelve years old, they both died so I was...
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Arlene Ocampo

Dok Ed’s Coaching has helped me become a master of my emotions. I was drowned by debts, financial crisis and sickness. My financial burdens were left and right, but I got through all of it because I was changed and rejuvenated. When I started to think of blessings, it...
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Mark Anthony Marquez

Let me share how my life was totally changed by Dok Ed’s coaching program. I was a drug addict and a notorious troublemaker in our place. I was ruthless, I fear no one because I thought that drugs made me invincible. No one ever thought even myself that I would become...
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Joy S. Quijano

I had this topsy-turvy relationship with my parents, my husband and my officemates. I am always in trouble because I did not know how to express myself in way that I wouldn’t be hated. I was struggling and finding it hard to RECONNECT myself with others.  I discovered...
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Elvie Fuentes

I had this fear of facing the crowd, I couldn’t speak in a group because I was afraid to be laughed at. This was my fear since I was a child. With Dok Ed’s Coaching Program, everything in me revitalized and metamorphosed into something beautiful. Today, I can now...
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Marylie E. Noran

I am a millennial and Facebook has become a part of my life. I  had this negative perception about Facebook before. I thought that it was a perfect venue where I can express my heart out. I sometimes feel obliged to post everything that transpired in my daily life.  I...
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Ryan “DJ Ringo” Villarino

I had the habit of MURMURING every time I hear trainings and activities necessary for my growth, I was contented to earn a day’s salary and I did not dream of achieving more in life. I just loved the status quo. When Dok Ed invited me to join the coaching program, it...
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Charles Darwin Mangmang

I used to be a heartbroken guy and my unfortunate love life affected my work and my whole being that I almost committed suicide! Thanks to Dok Ed’s Coaching Program, I was transformed, I was renewed and my dream is my FOCUS and INSPIRATION that I must go on with my...
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Dolritz Llego

In 2014 I almost committed suicide because of the piling personal problems. I was accused of molesting a child. I couldn’t understand why those events happened even if I did nothing wrong. I had a bad blood with my relatives and I almost killed the person who maligned...
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